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Vintage Jewellery

At Margot & Mila we love unearthing vintage treasures and breathing new life into forgotten heirlooms. Below is a selection of our vintage pieces, each is a one-off so they don't tend to hang around for long! 

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Our Love of Vintage

At Margot & Mila we have a deep respect for the traditional silversmiths and goldsmiths of the past, the many hours spent making the most intricate of pieces that can often lose their 'value' over time as tastes change and people adopt more modern styles and fashions. We think it is of utmost importance to celebrate these master craftsmen - especially in an industry where modern technological advances with computer aided design (CAD) mean less and less traditional methods are being employed. 

We love spend many hours trawling antiques markets to unearth the perfect treasures to restore to shiny new life. We believe in adapting these vintage pieces to bring them into the modern age and back to wearability. Our gorgeous Victorian tassel necklaces are hugely popular, as are our vintage fan earrings and St Christopher necklaces. As the patron saint of travel, wearing a St Christopher is said to protect its owner while travelling and therefore makes a brilliant idea for a christening gift or travel lover. 

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